Homemade candles

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two red hearts sitting on top of a cupcake with white frosting in the middle
three cakes decorated with flowers and leaves on top of a white paper napkin next to a candle
Candle Making | Candle Magic
Zelf kaarsen maken: de 4 grootste DIY trends
three candles with flowers on them sitting in front of some pink roses and greenery
ЭКО свечи
a person holding a wine glass with flowers on the rim and candles in the background
Нежная свеча, романтичная .
a person holding up a cup filled with ice cream and pink flowers on the rim
a pink cake decorated with lavenders and a wooden block in the middle, surrounded by other decorations
flowers and scissors are on a plate with some wax paper next to it, along with other items
How To Dry Flowers + Make Naturally Scented Potpourri
Supplies needed for drying flowers
a person is taking a photo of flowers in a bowl with scissors and spoons
How To Dry Flowers + Make Naturally Scented Potpourri
How To Dry Flowers + Make Your Own Naturally Scented Homemade Potpourri
Floral Garden Soy Candle
Unique Handmade Candle
some candles are sitting on a plate and one is decorated with lavenders, orange slices and cinnamon sticks
Beautiful Candles Decorating Ideas Designs 2022 | Water Candles Decoration | Candles Decor Ideas
a plate with some food on it and someone reaching for the one in the middle
Свечи в кашпо
Using a little bit of mica and herbs to transform these soy candles 😍
Creative Candle Ideas To Light Up Your Home
two candles with coffee beans in them on a white surface, next to each other
Holiday Pine Centerpiece Candle