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an advertisement for the ultimate aphrodia program
a piece of paper with the words, finally i am inreltationsleep please read again
Everyone Is So Focused On Acting Savage
Finally I am in a relationsleep
the words i'm a thinker, not a taker on a black background
the words let whoever think whatever are in black and white text on a white background
Oh my....I am so into this....who cares what anyone thinks....it is what I know inside my soul that counts....
Self Quotes, Deep Thought Quotes, Thoughts Quotes
the words fight for the fairy tale, it does exisit written in black ink
Tambo Tuesday
Tambo Tuesday
a quote that reads, there's so much intimacy in understanding someone who doesn't understand you is not going to know how to love you because they
a black and white photo with the words no one expect an angel to set the world on fire
the words act like you trust people, but do not written in black on a white background
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a sign that is written on the side of a wall saying, i promise to always be by your side or under you or on top
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some girls look good in diamonds, some girls make diamonds look good written on a piece of paper
rl - pcu2
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Ain't Nothin' Sweeter 🍑: Photo
an interesting sign on the wall that says, intelilince turns me on
Funny Flirty Quotes, Inappropriate Thoughts
a quote that reads, a lot of people become unatrative once you find out how they think
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the words are written in black and white on a white background, which reads'the sexist parts of my body? my brain, my spine, and my guts
an open book with the words if you kiss her mind, her body will follow
a man in a suit and tie standing next to a black background with the words inside my lips
Flirty Texts, Flirty Texts For Him