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a wooden gazebo sitting on top of a lush green field
a drawing of a tomato plant growing out of a water bottle with roots attached to it
Soda Bottle Drip Feeder for Plants - Water Plants with a Soda Bottle
"plant" plastic bottle next to plant for deep watering
a bird house hanging from the side of a tree with two birds flying around it
Bird House for Outside, 6 Holes Handmade Wooden Bird House, Retro Villa Style Large Bird House for Outside Birds, Backyard Patio Decorations 2024 - $19.99
Type:Birdhouse,Outdoor Decoration; Material:Wooden; Product Dimensions:102215; Shipping Weight:0.43; Net Weight:0.43; Listing Date:01/28/2023
an outdoor bbq with grill and seating area
Outdoor Kitchen
an outdoor living area with a swing set
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