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Garmau is lyfe

Aphmau x Garroth the love - a garmau story ch 1

*goes to back alley* *knocks four times* *whispers* ...Garmau

I don't like Garmau, I ship Aarmau, but seriously, this is hilarious!

Garmau ♥

Garmau ♥ <<Le gasp, Garroth is an Alicorn *Don't ask me how I know that*

Garmau ♥

Lol aphmau only you would make the mistake of falling of a tree while building fences to prevent people from falling off the tree

Which Team Are You On? Garmau Or Laurmau?

Garmau laurmau danmau zanemau or Aarmau? I'm on laurmau and Aarmau. Aarmau in mystreet and laurmau in MCD.