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an aerial view of a circular house in the middle of a grassy area with couches and tables
Styrodome House Plans | myxdome.files.wor ... #files #house #myxdome #plans #styrodome
a large wooden structure sitting on top of a lush green field
a wooden table with four pieces of wood attached to it
2v - 2x6 Heavy Duty Wood Geodesic Hub Kit
This multi-purpose dome connector kit contains the connectors and hardware required to quickly assemble up to a 26 foot diameter 2v geodesic dome frame using standard 2x6 lumber for use as a green house, equipment storage, shed or more*. Lumber NOT Included. Includes: - 16 Outside Hub Connectors - 16 Inside Hub Connectors - 10 Outside Base Connectors - 10 Inside Hub Connectors - Dome Layout Plans - Construction Manual - Fastening Hardware FREE SHIPPING!! Applies to contiguous US only. This item