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Punta Tragara Art Suite, Capri, Italy. With wall-to-ceiling vaulted windows guests soak and relax to special views

Hotel Punta Tragara in Capri, Italy, features awe inspiring views of the Faraglioni from the oversized bath of the Punta Tragara Art Suite. I know this is a hotel in Italy, but a girl can dream, right? And I do love that tub!

“Some days later, when the land had been moistened by two or three heavy rains, Okonkwo and his family went to the farm with basket of seed-yams, their hoes, and machetes, and the planting began” (33). Igbo culture is highly dependent on the rain season because it affects farming. The Igbo culture based on agriculture so the rain season can have heavy positive and negative outcomes on the clan.

Paris in the Rain Bridge over Troubled Water Leaf Raindrops Swimming in the Rain Autumn Rain Reflections Kissing in the Rain Rainy Day Comforts

I'd love of print of this in our living room: Rain drops // Bator Horvath

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