Free 3d model: Cubo Office Line by Sudbrock

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Free 3d model: LinieM Table System by MuellerManufaktur

Dimensiva LinieM Table System by MuellerManufaktur by Ignat Adrian models of great designs for the professional community.

Free 3d model: AC 4 Office Chair by Vitra

Vitra AC 4 Office Chair - Most of the time, office chairs either emphasize their aesthetics or their functional properties. In contrast, AC 4 subtly integrates its ergonomic properties.

Free 3d model: LinieM Container System by MuellerManufaktur

Happy to share with you the LinieM container system. The model LineM container system include also the 2 legs table long) and a container beneath. Enjoy the LineM container system along with the LinieM Table System!