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Chanel, détails.
an elephant statue on top of a scale next to a trunk and suitcase in front of a striped wall
Louis Vuitton window display
a person sitting on a green bench in front of a wall with circles and tennis rackets
Vitrines Galeries Lafayette - Roland Garros - Paris, mai 2011
Vitrines Galeries Lafayette, Paris 2011, visual merchandising, window display
a display case with various types of gears on the front and back sides, including a sheep
Merino wool, window display
an eagle head is seen through the window of a clothing store in this image, it appears to be looking at its own reflection
DE NOOY, window display
a window display with an image of a woman's dress
Window Display at Hermes
pinned by Ton van der Veer
a mannequin dressed in a dress standing next to a chandelier
Bergdorf Goodman
Dior window display. #retail #merchandising #window_display #surreal
the front window of a store with an elephant statue
eye glass store sign...
a display case with mannequins and lights in it
Les beaux quartiers
window display
there is a display in the window that has shoes on it and are stacked high
Japanese Boater Hats
japanese window display - Google Search
a woman sitting on top of a giant moon next to two stuffed animals in front of it
Other people's Bergdorf Goodman Christmas photos 1
Bergdorf Goodman Window
a display case with branches in the middle and candles lit up on it's sides
several mannequins dressed in black and white outfits
Breeze 6 (surreal)
hocus pocus, pinned by Ton van der Veer
a window display with many shiny objects in it
Burberry Christmas windows 2012, Budapest
Burberry Christmas windows 2012, Budapest visual merchandising
an artistic photo of a woman on a swing surrounded by flowers and roses with scissors
Harrods, London, April 2013