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avelin for ✿ | commission.  super busy with work everyday!! rolls away into the horizon_(┐「ε:)_

She's actually blind but using other senses and a sixth sense, she is able to appear to be able to see. Works at a flower shop but most often is found in meadows collecting flowers or socialising with animals. Sweet, gentle, insightful and kind.

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Imagen anime con lucky dog giulio di bondone single short hair looking at viewer simple background fringe purple eyes purple hair lips hair over one eye eyebrows parted lips eyelashes head tilt portrait face finger to mouth piercing

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Choose what the most mekaku-dan you liked.. mine is no. 7 Shintarou Kisaragi.. :D

Choose what the most mekaku-dan you liked. mine is Seto. Seto is minnnneeeee