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I think this is true, people need to stop making excuses for the boys that catcall or just plain stare at girl body parts. This happens to be the reason i wear loose shirts. Because I am self conscious and some boys do not know how to control themselves.

all girls need to see this. Before and after

Supermodels without makeup- Remembering not to compare yourself to the makeup, hair, lighting, photography and retouching you see every day! It is crazy to think. My wife is more beautiful than these"super models" with or without makeup.

Rape culture, summed up. #feminism #rape #rapeculture

Community Post: Top 22 Viral Memes About Boys! A Must Read For Anyone Raising One "The full empowerment of women cannot happen if we are not also changing the men. And that should be a part of any political strategy.

Tom Felton

Tom Felton's reaction to A Very Potter Musical. <----- This genuinely made me laugh :D <--- seen this video. HI-LARIOUS << Now I'm going to watch the video