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A (Partial) List of YA Mysteries That Crime Readers Will Love
the books are lined up on the shelf
five girls led five girls died the cheerleaders
The Cheerleaders: A Dark and Twisty Thriller That Will Leave You Breathless a book by Kara Thomas.
some books that are all in pink and blue with the words enemes to lovers give
Books reference
a book sitting on top of a blue table
the book cover for from blood and ashworld, including an arrow pointing to each other
From Blood and Ash World Reading Order
the cover of i miss you, i hate this by sara saedjd
Cover Reveal: I Miss You, I Hate This by Sara Saedi
an image of people playing basketball in front of a window with the words cambiao de prececcion
two children's books about ice hockey are on a white sheet with the cover pulled down