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What Real Men Like

I'm so tired of the "curvy girls are better than skinny girls" garbage! It only makes you just as horrible as the skinny girls that make fun of full figured women.

Omg this peeves me so much! Happened to a friend who had a chronic illness too. Ignorance should STFU.

Skinny Girl Problems This Happens all the time and it really sucks it makes me feel do ashamed of my self even though there is nothing I can do about it.

I'm pretty sure this is a problem for a lot of girls too..

< but this actually isn't always a bad thing. ^~^ It's great for cosplay seeing how I always crossplay.

thin girl pride <3

Super skinny friends do feel this stigma. People are mean about them being so thin but they say they really can't help it. Are they telling the truth?

Nothing to be proud of. When you go through a life changing event like death and you're physically sick to the stomach and repulsed to the point of throwing up by the smell & sight of food. Only then can you can judge. We all deal with situations and grief differently. For some of us we can't eat. For me it was months with eating nothing but fruit. Even then I forced it down. No I don't have an eating disorder.

Not really skinny girl problem, but this happens to me all the time. I'm like do you have XXXS?

Of course I eat!? I just don't swell up like you do, fat ass.

" I want to reply "no I don't, I have lived 20 something years by just never eating, that's why I'm basically dead".

When people tell me I´m skinny - Google Search

You need to stop eating cheeseburgers lol