As soon as I stop laughing, I'll verify where this is from... In the meantime, ladies, stay away from dance halls.

vintage photo Syphilis sexually transmitted disease, All of these men soldiers have it, Women Stay away from dance halls, World War Two propaganda

old ads are the best!

Get Mother What she REALLY want this Christmas! A Colt . Funny and Disturbing Vintage Advertising. Only in America !

No, seriously? This is a real ad? "Priced competitively with the pink ones"...I can see where the concept's's the whole 'Soul-Aid' & condescending tone! Why didn't 'Band-Aid' offer band aids for different skin tones...nobody has Barbie or Batman skin & they sell! Lol!

Soul-Aid, afro-"flesh tone" bandages, "Priced competitively with the pink ones!" Not, Soul Aid?

I take one everywhere I take my penis!

Vintage Condom Ad "I take one everywhere I take my penis!" No motor oil or sandpaper while using condoms.

Dishpan hands More

11 Horrifyingly Offensive Vintage Ads

Don't humiliate your husband with dishpan hands. Back then, men left on account of dishpan hands and smelly vaginas.

Mmmm... Vitamin D #vintage #ads #ancestry

Vitamin Donuts for Pep and Vigor! The Doughnut Corporation sought endorsement from the Nutrition Division of the War Food Administration for its Vitamin Doughnuts campaign. [From the National.

There is an ideal in our society about the "perfect woman". Men are expected to marry for looks: the younger and prettier, the better. This add reinforces that ideal type, which is ultimately impossible to achieve. The fact that women are being compared to cigarettes also displays the idea of women being seen as nothing more than items that can be bought.

Cigarette ad comparing them to thin and rich women. What happened to women that have curves and work hard for a paycheck?