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Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) - Official travel guide to Norway -

The Northern lights convey a sense of being at the very edge of the world and getting a rare glimpse into the endless universe we are all just a tiny part of. It truly is beautiful :)

Sabaton. A much better way to learn history. It's true every song the right is about something that happened in the history of the world and they teach it for beautiful music they can reach everyone soul rather than standing around in lecturing about it!!

They write about anything amazing that happened; from Night Witches to Ghost Division to Counterstrike to Hearts of Iron. Sabaton - Where Metal and History collide.

Opeth_USA by Fortifem

Førtifem is a French team of graphic designers composed of Adrien Havet and Jessica Daubertes, and they are extremely talented and I’ve wanted to share their work for a long

Amaranthe - "Amaranthe" (2011)

The Swedish symphonic metal band Amaranthe have announced they will be touring the US this fall in support of Within Temptation. The band also stated they