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❝Donde Jungkook es la ternura personificada y Jimin quiere corromperl… #fanfic Fanfic #amreading #books #wattpad

jimin's satellite jungkook — jimin, i didn’t ask for this


Awww,please stop being so adorable and georgious~ It's past midnight and i just can't stop watching cute gifs of this cute lil'mochi~ *I'm so sleepy please someone send help.

That is actually really uplifting

That is actually really uplifting or what ever kpop music group you stan

Upgrade a pair of your boyfriend jeans with cherry blossoms using only fabric paint in time for your Valentine's Day date or Galentine's Day party with this Blake Lively-inspired DIY tutorial.

cherry blossom boyfriend jeans with this DIY. Lather a large paintbrush with white acrylic paint and splatter all over your jeans. Paint a tree skeleton onto the pants using black paint. Add cherry blossoms with different shades of pink.