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Diana Panaitescu

Diana Panaitescu
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Life is Just Better Print, Dog Park Publishing - yes it is!

Artist Dean Russo has crafted a sweet rendering of a loving friend for life in this boldly hued print. Capturing an expression that would melt the hardest heart, the Life is Just Better print is a .

Pit bull by Dean Russo

Yeah, this has gotta be my fave of the bunch! "The sweet dog in this emotional piece by Dean Russo holds your attention and doesn’t let go. Utilizing his dynamic Pop Art style, Russo excels at capturing the emotional depth in his subject’s eyes.

Beware of Pit Bulls; They will Steal Your Heart  Print, Dog Park Publishing

They will steal your heart like a thief in the night, showing you complete and pure love that only a Pit Bull can show. Dean Russo's "Beware of Pit Bulls" print is a beautiful Pop Art tribu .

Ban Idiots, Not Pitbulls Shirt by Epicdelusion

Ban Idiots, Not Pitbulls Shirt by Epicdelusion. Ban and Castrate Idiots so as to prevent further breeding of ignorance and greed.