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The Sophisticated Youth: VOGUE Enfants
a magazine cover with a woman in a pink dress and cowboy hat on the cover
a woman holding flowers in her hands on the cover of a magazine called voggie
a magazine cover with many people dressed in costumes and holding wine glasses on the cover
a black and white photo of a woman with her eyes closed, looking up into the sky
two women wearing hats on the cover of a magazine
Jean Shrimpton, 1965
a woman laying on top of a boat in the water
Pearls of Joy
Valentino, Maya, Manolo Blahnik, Carolina Herrera, Carla Bruni, Moda, Dakota, Lauren
Dakota Johnson poses in a sheer glittering bodysuit for Spanish Vogue
a woman laying on top of a wooden floor next to a painting
Bella Hadid Is All Smiles On Vogue Netherlands’ Artsy November 2019 Cover | Retroworldnews
a woman sitting in a chair on the cover of a magazine
a woman sitting on the hood of a car with her legs crossed and hands behind her head