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two photos of a woman in a blue and white striped dress
Open Back Striped Cover-ups Dres
the instructions for how to make a snowman headband with yarn and cotton balls
Easy Snowman Craft Ideas
Pom Pom Snowman Craft
a large piece of cloth is sitting on the floor with it's end cut out
Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt
The Best Job In The World: Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt
two pictures with writing on them in different colors and sizes, one is white and the other is black
DIY Night Mobile Templates
DIY Night Mobile Templates
snowflakes are being projected on the window
Fun Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 50 Pics
Fun Do It Yourself Craft Ideas – 50 these snowflakes...believe it or not, I've never made snowflakes myself, so this looks fun...
the instructions for making a snowman hat and scarf with yarn on it, in spanish
Muñeco de nieve
a glass jar filled with snow next to a paper cut out of a santa clause
The Scoop… on creating a handmade Christmas
Christmas Township Candle Jar: Quick and easy candle jar that will look amazing when illuminated at night. complete directions.
many different pictures of people making snowmen out of paper plates and yarns on the table
Ingenioso muñeco de navidad
Ingenioso muñeco de navidad / Via
a fake pine cone is sitting on top of a newspaper next to a potted plant
Pics Hut: Pine cone decor ideas for Christmas
a christmas scene with snow covered houses and trees
Christmas decorations
two ornaments with snowmen on them are hanging from a string and one has a pink hat
Simply Cute Creations
soo... either small ornaments filled with "snow" or ping pong balls... topped with baby socks and tied off with ribbon... add ribbon tie and draw face with sharpies. cute!
there are many pictures of stuffed animals made out of sweaters and mittens
DIY: Sock Snowmen — Darkroom and Dearly
Craft These Cute Snowmen from Socks