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There are so many milestones to look forward to in the first few years of your child’s life, especially when it comes to developing motor skills. This free printable checklist will guide you through all the developmental milestones for your toddler—from walking up stairs to drawing on their own—and what you should be looking for at 1-3 years old!

It is essential to know the toddler milestones of each developmental stage. It warms the heart to see toddlers take their first step or throwing a ball.

Betta Fish Tail Types - Which Betta Fish Type Do You Have? | Animal Bliss

Best dog collar here Betta fish are well known for their beautiful tails but do you know all the different betta fish tail types out there? Do you know what type of tail your betta fish has? This infographic shows them all.

I had a fishtank in my room with breeding guppies in it.  They were beautiful and so much fun.  I would sit for hours and watch them.

Guppies--This is considered a "beginners fish" because they are so easy to care for but they have been bred in so many gorgeous colors and tail shapes they are well worth keeping even for advanced aquarists. I would love to go to a guppy show!