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an old poster with the names of different countries and their emblems on it's side
two people with different expressions on their faces and one has an emoticive expression
a yellow background with lots of smiley faces and the words happy birthday written on it
a man sitting next to a little boy on the ground in front of a tree
an old man with glasses and a beard in front of a sign that says don't
two emoticions with the words art mondtak a hatamasok, hoy akiek a hatama sok
a yellow background with many smiley faces and words written in black on the bottom right corner
- - vicces képek, mémek, humoros videók, poénos oldalak
a yellow background with many different emoticions and words in the middle one says,
a red and white sign with words in russian
a poem written in black and white on a green background with the words'i love you