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LOVE! Milva Wedding Dresses 2017 & Fall 2016 Collection

Use the flowers from your bouquet to make a beautiful memory filled shadow box

This is a great way to save your wedding bouquet---save the heads of the flowers and frame them in a shadow box. I like the idea just for any dried flowers.

by hendrik vermeulen, La Vie en Roses collection Charme de Paris dress. écru chantilly lace top over a silk full volume silk dupioni skirt and duchesse satin sash.

Weddbook ♥ Breathtaking ballgown for the bride who insists on being a princess on her wedding day. A white saas dress look stunning at the season of the wedding. This sort of dress with groups on the back is one of the extensive blend.

75+ New Must-Have Photos With Your Groom

Love Love Love everything about this. Flower in hair and sweet sweet moment between bride and groom! I think this is my favorite sweet pic between bride and groom.

Hayley Paige "Chandon" ball gown in champagne // Wedding dress inspiration {Facebook and Instagram: The Wedding Scoop}

Hayley Paige's 2017 Spring Collection

Using a heart punch, she cut out hearts from every card she received from her wedding shower and wedding. MAKING THIS!

Using a heart punch, cut out hearts from every card received from wedding shower and wedding. Perhaps a "guest book" like this? Have everyone sign a heart at the wedding? - would be neat to do with kids birthday cards over the years