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14th C. ~ nice view of the back of a shield. Can't tell much else. The website appears to be in Russian.

~ view of the back of a shield. Contrast this with the illustration of the Nordeck shield elsewhere on this board. Note the horizontal grip and the metal interior reinforcement. Those make me dubious, but it is pretty.

This is an effigy of Jean d'Alluye, a 13th-century French knight who fought in the Crusades. The effigy is immaculately carved, and perfectly represents the garb of a 13th-century European knight, from the long sleeve chain mail shirt, to the triangular shield, to the sword belt, all the way down to the spurs on his feet. Except for one thing.

Tomb Effigy of Jean d'Alluye, limestone, century Touraine, Loire Valley (Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cloisters Collection)