Regalos profes

Ideas de regalo para profesores
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two stamps are next to a poster with flowers on it and one stamp is in the shape of a potted plant
Cuadro Macetas. Regalo Profes para dejar huellas. Incluye marco 30x40 cm y tintas a elegir. Maestro, maestra, infantil, primaria, guardería, profesor, colegio. Original árbol fin de curso
a white table topped with an art print next to a cup and pencils on it
Lámina personalizada para profes con huellas corazón
a box filled with personalized items for someone's special occasion, including a bottle of wine
a hand holding up a framed apple with words in it on a wooden table top
Apple-themed Teacher Gifts - Teacher Appreciation Week (2024)
various items are displayed on a bed with blue and white sheets, including buttons, pins and tags
DIY | sewing kit favor jar - Something Turquoise
kit de costura
the fingerprint bee craft is made with bees and honeycombs on top of it
Bubble Wrap Beehive + Fingerprint Bee Craft
Manualitat pintura de dits