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cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles on a pink background
How Many Sprinkles Do I Need? A Complete Cupcake Guide!
Ever wondered, how many sprinkles are needed to cover your cupcakes? We've got the answer for you! Just like in our sprinkle cake post, we show you a few different coverage options and how much is used for a dozen and more cupcakes. Don't be left over buying anymore, use our sprinkle cupcakes chart to see exactly how much you need for full coverage, rolling the edges for a perfect border, and side trimmed dipped sprinkle cupcakes! #sprinklecupcakes #rainbowcupcakes #cupcakesprinkles
there are many cake pops with sprinkles on them
a birthday cake with sprinkles and an ice cream cone on top
Ice Cream theme Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 1 of 14
What a stunning cake at a ice cream birthday party! See more party ideas at!
cake pops with sprinkles and candies on sticks in front of flowers
a pink cake with ice cream and sprinkles on top that says 8
Cake Decorating Magic for Enthusiasts
Cake Decorating Magic for Enthusiasts
a dessert table with cake, cupcakes and balloons
Butterfly Birthday Balloon Garland
Butterfly Kisses & Birthday Wishes | All white balloon garland. Check out our other party supplies that will be a perfect match!
there is a cupcake with sprinkles on it sitting on a plate
DIY Girls Birthday Party Ideas