Omega Chair

Atomare architecture and design was founded by David Munscher, who could not separate the two pursuits. Through his company, the German Munscher engages both

Minimalist Shelf for Your Bicycle

Swiss design collective Postfossil furthers the uncompromising integration of bicycles in the space-conscious urban home with the "Shoes Books and a Bike" stand/showcase storage solution.

Lobster and Shelley are produced in Denmark in materials carefully chosen to match the requirements of the design, the function, and the construction.

Oluf Lund and Eva Paarmann Shelley Armchair - The shell is laminated, bend wood with a walnut veneer at the back.

Responsive Kitchen Design - Tuler by Marmo Arredo

Disappearing sink// Tulèr responsive kitchen by Offmat. Offmat, an experimental ‘lab&hub’ from Italian design studio Marmo Arredo, and Tipic, worked together to create the Tulèr concept kitchen design.

Outside the Box in the Kitchen - Drawer Kitchen3

Outside the Box in the Kitchen - Drawer Kitchen

Elegant Wooden Armchair - Pipo

Designer Alejandro Estrada created the Pipo Chair for manufacturer Piegatto. "The Pipo Chair is conceived as a wooden surface that integrates armchairs and seat from the same material. The

Angkor Table Collection5

Furniture, Angkor Table Design Collection Black Wooden Table Design Table Collection Furniture Design Ideas Small Black Table Modern Low Table Ideas Modern Ideas Modern Table: Inspired by Cambodian Temples : Angkor Table Design Collection

Dynamic&Light - Suspended Hammock

Triple Hammock from Trinity Hammocks-Cathy says, Looks awesome: imagine 3 friends relaxing on the beach, telling secrets and watching the stars come out.

Glossy and Vibrant - Orange Fiberglass Armchair1

Glossy and Vibrant - Orange Fiberglass Armchair