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Yalon-Logo & Logo types -This design combines very iconic imagery of a house and a tea cup successfully for a unique logo.

This is a good example of a logo design. The reason why is because it spells out the word "record", while the letters "e", "c", and "o" are being used to make the microphone symbol for record.

Minimal Logo Designs Collection of Steven Crosby

An interesting logo type that takes an object and turns it into the letters needed to create the implied word. Most definitely succeeding and creating its implied effect.

the creator store logo by Mark van Leeuwen beautiful typography logo custom swashes black and white sans serif font

the creator store logo design by Mark van Leeuwen beautiful typography letter logotype custom swashes lettering with black and white sans serif font, white wordmark design inspiration ideas

Arrow Inc logo design

Logo Design: Lettermarks // LOVE this logo for SO many reasons!

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Nuevos estilos de logotipos