illy hotpoint espresso maker series

based on a special capsule system by illy, the coffee is extracted in two stages: hyper infusion and emulsion, resulting in a rich and creamy espresso shot.

The iconic design, Moka Express by Alfonso Bialetti

The perfect coffee pot. I love my stove top coffee pot. If I knew metal work I'd make one myself with this plan. Alfonso Bialetti 1933 Love Coffee - Makes Me Happy

50 Amazing Examples of Knolling Photography

50 Amazing Examples of Knolling Photography

If you have a child-like joy of taking something apart, we think you´ll enjoy this. The new book Things Come Apart by Todd McLellan, is a unique photographic vision of the material world, a teardown manual for modern living. The book is illustrated


“Things Come Apart / Disassembly” project by artist photographer Todd McLellan

Deconstructed | MASHKULTURE

Deconstructed: Neatly Organized Photos of Dissected Videogame Controllers


11 Household Appliances Disassembled

Canadian photographer Todd McLellan pulled apart vintage gadgets such as cameras, telephones and typewriters to create museum-like studies from all the parts. His exploded views are the kind you'd really like to present to a client.