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Karma, Bitch

Karmically-speaking, I expect most of you will believe I shall be struck down by lightning before I finish this post. I don't "do" karma. I'm a realist. Karma – noun – is defined by the folks at.

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Am not perfect girl. I'll annoy you, piss you off, say stupid stuff, and then take it back. But all that aside, you'll never find girl who loves you more than me.

EXACTLY! But that is always the part you forget to mention.....

Exactly there is two sides to every story and I don't care if you told people what I've done just don't forget to tell them your part

What I tell every man who is stupid enough to take advantage of my giving nature. And then I leave.

Oh so true I was the one there for everything. When everybody told you that you couldn't do it and even times you thought you couldn't do it I was the one who always believed in you and gave you the push you needed. Not her just remember that.