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Elvis and Priscilla

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Elvis and Priscilla


something-inthewayshemoves: “let—yourselfgo: “ Elvis and Priscilla at George Klein’s Wedding in Las Vegas, December 5, 1970. ” ”

Priscilla & Elvis

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Elvis & Priscilla Presley

Elvis Presley : Tupelo : December 29, 1970.You can see both Elvis and Priscilla looking, handsome and beautiful at the peak of Elvis' life, and in what must have been an extra specially happy day with Elvis returning to his hometown!

Tupelo | December 29, 1970

December 29, 1970 : A day after Elvis was best man at Sonny West's wedding he drives to Tupelo to collect yet another badge, this one from Tupelo sheriff Bill Mitchell, whom Elvis has known from the time Mitchell played fiddle in the band led by Mississippi Slim on radio station WELO when Elvis was a child. This was such a brief visit not even the media got in on the photo taking, making these two photos very special.