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MY HEART CAN'T TAKE IT I'M CRYING!!! <<< To the artist: HOW DARE YOU. YOU MADE HONEY LEMON [AND ME] CRY. (BTW, inaccuracy spotted: Not only is the symbol on Tadashi's cap incorrect, he also lost his cap before going into the building; it blew off his head. SO THIS DIDN'T HAPPEN, OKAY?! *sobs*)

salamaliki: Tadashi’s death- minimalistic. On a scale of 1 to how would you rate your pain?

Hiro dies au - pg02

hamada-shi: “ miniyunart: “ I had a dream where, what if Hiro had died instead of Tadashi and proceeded to make myself miserable while drawing this.

I do ship Hidashi but this is what kind of stuff brothers will do Hiro did that to me the other day it was so hard to get out of that lock.

versionstudio: if Tadashi isn’t dead….and Hiro growing up

(Open rp) "Experiment gone wrong, Hiro and Tadashi had an age swap" *walks in the lab and see's Tadashi shrunk and Hiro grown* W-what HAPPENED!