I never have a problem entertaining myself!!

I never have a problem entertaining myself! I always complain about being bored but I never really am, just tired XD

what you think you become

what you think you become

You will regret leaving a Virgo... You will only realize how much you miss and love them when nobody else treats you the way they did.

This is true. I'm not always perfect, but I would do anything for my love. Other people's happiness is my own. Wish I could send this to certain people

Wrong wrong wrong. Astrology is bullshit. All about self-prophesy & wishful thinking, for those who can't handle the truth, the chaos, the confusion. (:

jessandwarrenforever: “ I don’t order or mold people, that’s just stupid. So yeah…otherwise, dead on. virgo is one of the feminine signs, so they affect people passively, not actively. you’re right that we don’t order or mold people -.