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someone holding up a jar filled with red and white confetti in front of a body of water
“365 reasons why I love you” - Got this from my girlfriend for anniversary. I’m supposed to read one per day.
a glass jar filled with lots of different colored ribbons and writing on the label that says 65 days
100+ Romantic DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Him that Your Man will Love - Hike n Dip
a bathroom sink with pink sticky notes attached to the wall and a mirror in front of it
16 ideas de regalos que podrás hacerle a tu novio
a handprint on a spiral notebook that says, you can't feel me, but i'm there, holding your hand through it all
DIY Projects To Make If You’re In A Long Distance Relationship
a mirror with pink sticky notes attached to it in front of a white bathroom sink
60 Best Valentine gift for girlfriend that say "us against the world" - Hike n Dip
Regalo fácil DIY SCRAPBOX