Name Change Checklist Printable

If you are changing your name here is a good checklist .Name Change Check List Printable--Free. Knowing me, I'll forget to do half of these.

#LevoLove this reading on finding your passion!

9 Ways To Figure Out What You're "Meant" To Do

9 Ways To Figure Out What Your Calling Is via Bustle. Deciding on your calling is never an easy feat. Here are 9 ways to help you figure it out.

Ineffective vs effective employee management skills % the business impact- I find this funny because I can categorize my supervisors..

Supervisor Do’s and Don’ts - Ineffective VS Effective employee management skills and the business impact

Life skills to learn by age 30

25 Life Skills You Should Master by Age 30

There are important life skills to learn once you hit a certain age. Keep reading for 25 essential adult life skills to keep sharp.