There are many reasons for liking the no-makeup makeup technique. The effect is a natural looking face, without any flaws and imperfections. This style is appropriate for an office environment and many other occasions. You are able to show out your true beauty by enhancing the facial features that you like and to hide any skin imperfections that bother you. You ...

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Beauty hacks!

Beauty hacks - Eye Makeup idea - Don't know if it works.

Line the top of your eye with black liner, the bottom with brown, and the waterline with nude.

18 Genius Hacks for Fixing Makeup Mistakes Every Woman Makes

Don't apply black liner all around your eye and in your waterline. This will make your eyes appear much smaller than they are. Instead, line the top with black liner, the bottom with brown liner, and the waterline with nude liner to really open your eyes.

16 Eyeliner Hacks, Tips, and Tricks That Will Change Your Life

Model your eyeliner after fashion models. Catwalk makeup tricks tips hacks

If you don't know which kind of eyeliner to purchase, or how to apply it without making yourself look like a cheap raccoon, this collection of makeup tutorials is just what you need to teach yourself how to apply eyeliner properly!

7 fantastic tutorials to teach you how to apply eyeliner properly

How to apply eyeliner properly: Step by Step Tutorial.Fantastic tutorials to teach you how to apply eyeliner properly.Step by Step Eye Makeup Tutorial.