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collage of girls with their faces painted in different colors and sizes, including the words'good 4u '
Olivia Rodrigo
Playboi Carti
Playboi Carti
the cover of ariana grandee's album, which features four women with different hair
Ariana Grande
a collage of people with pink hair and bunny ears on their heads, in front of a pink background
Lil Pepp
:) love u
the weeknd starboy movie poster with collage of men in sunglasses and beards
The Weekend
an advertisement for the movie cana del re
Lana Del Rey
the tv girl movie poster with two women hugging each other and butterflies flying around them
TV Girl
a collage of people with different faces and hair styles, including one man in the middle
The Neighbourhood
an advertisement for arctic monkeys with people in the background
Arctic Monkeys🥱
collage of various people and their names on a red background with words above them
Conan Gray
omg Conan Gray 😵
an image of some women with different hair colors
Billie Elish
Billie Elish💍
the poster for dela vui harper's fabulous bruta
Olivia Rodrigo