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Guitar Fire Pit, Backyard Fire Pit, Fathers Day Gift, Outdoor Decor
This fire pit is made of 16 gauge steel, making it very sturdy and light to easily move around your backyard or put into storage. The steel color will naturally weather, giving it a rust look over time. Guitar Chiminea Dimensions: 41" Height 13" Length 16" Width Fire Pit gets extremely hot when there is a fire inside, please use precaution ***Outdoor use only*** ***Do not use on deck material or plastics***
an old car covered in crochet is parked on the side of the road
Crazy Cool Crochet
a man holding a stick next to a fake fire and marshmallows in the snow
Artist Makes Giant Fire and Marshmallow Out of Snow
an open book with tissue on top of it next to a stack of paper towels
Book of Tissue is decidedly cuter than a cardboard Kleenex box
Book of Tissue is decidedly cuter than a cardboard Kleenex box | 30 Totally Unique Ways To Decorate Your Home With Books
a stack of books sitting on top of a table next to a vase and candle
a room with a tree painted on the ceiling and ladder up to it's top
21 surreal designs you should actually use in your home - Livabl
a green dog statue sitting on the side of a road next to a building with a door
the interior of a car is shown in three different colors and sizes, including yellow
The Batman Kia Optima Comes in Black - IGN
a woman standing in front of a large scrabble board
How To Make A DIY Giant Wall Scrabble Game Board
an iphone charger is attached to a denim bag
Cell phone holder
an image of a kitchen floor that has been cleaned and is being used as a rug
Tile meeting Hardwood transition
I am so torn about trends and the hot thing however this one is just awesome.
many spools of thread are lined up on a table next to each other
Bobbin storage with golf tees - pic from Corner Cupboard on Facebook
an ice chest is painted blue and has chains hanging from the top to hold it
Tip of the Day Monday-Cool Cooler Turn an old dresser into a cooler!
a multi - colored building in the middle of a city
Log in | Tumblr
three hay sculptures are lined up on the sidewalk with googly eyes and one is wearing an apron
Over 50 of the Best Fall Craft and Decorating Ideas
Minion Hay Bales for Fall!
an old sewing machine turned into a sink
Interior Design Blog - Sinkology
We've seen a lot of installs of our sinks, but never have we seen one in a Singer Sewing machine!
a cat shaped eyeglass holder with glasses on it's face and the lid
The Original Gift Company | Gifts; Unique, Unusual & Personalised
Cat Glasses Tray
there is a woman holding a framed photo in her hands
29 Brilliant Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces (Affordable) | GoDownsize
Folding wall table. This wall table is one of my favorites. It is so clever designed, and the finish is over the top. Genius furniture for small spaces.
the inside of a train car with multiple pictures on it's side and in different stages
Wealthy Woman Abandons Apartment in 1942, This is What They Found Inside
Wealthy Woman Abandons Parisian Apartment in 1942, This is What They Found…