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Kelpie (cailpeach) The water horse is a common form of the kelpie, said to lure humans, especially children, into the water to drown and eat them. It performs this act by encouraging children to ride on its back.

lack-lustin: “ this was just supposed to be a sketch but then I got carried away….a lot…but anyway I think this is the final design for my take on a Kelpie. I wanted it to be more monster like than.

Zombies And Toys: Darksiders II Preview - The Pale Horse

Chad Hunter Death is coming – The Pale Rider is set to launch onto game consoles in Darksiders Here at Zombies & Toys, we’ll be fe.

Cryptoclidus: Middle Jurassic (166 – 164 Ma ): Sauropterygia (Plesiosauria): Discovered by Seeley, 1892: Artist unknownj

LIOPLEURODON was the biggest plesiosaur. Liopleurodon was not a dinosaur, but a short-necked plesiosaur (a pliosaur), an extinct, swimming reptile. It lived during the late Jurassic period in Europe and Eastern Europe.

Popular myth claims that the Loch Less Monster is part of a breeding line of the last surviving Plesiosaurs that somehow found sanctuary in the lake, while all others of their kind perished.

Plesiosaur - long necked marine reptile, steered itself with it's four paddles as it had no tail-fin - went extinct at the same time as the dinosaurs (c. million years ago). Rumored to be living in Loch Ness, Scotland!