Natsu Heartfilia Dragneel

Natsu Heartfilia Dragneel

Natsu Heartfilia Dragneel
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Scarlett Witch & Emma Frost by Adi Granov. not to hate, but they're not exactly buddy-buddy, as apparent from the events of Children's Crusade ( and a little bit in too), though i guess they both did start on the X-Men team. A adi granov

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Erza Scarlet from "Fairy Tail". She's probably my favorite character from this amazing anime! Her brave, willful, and strong personality along with her sad past and sometimes cute actions make her so lovable

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lineart and color by ________________________ hope you like it PLZ for watch ME if you like my Art.Please donate some Poi like my page <<< ww. Fairy Tail 418 - natsu back