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two people sitting at a table in front of a window with blinds on the windowsill
Twilight Saga:Edward and Bella Photo: Edward and Bella
Edward and Bella - twilight-saga-edward-and-bella Photo
the bride is walking down the aisle with her bouquet in hand and other people behind her
Passion and Vision... I like that dress much better than the real one
the twilight saga poster with many different faces and names on it's face, including edward
Twilight Series Photo: HQ Scans from Séries City Mag
three different pictures of people hugging each other and one has her arms around the other
Twilight on Instagram: “Film or Real?😍 #alice#jasper#twilight”
people sitting in chairs with the caption deja vu
Pinning for my Roblove and for that Tater Tot in that yummy black suit.
many different pictures of the same person in each photo, including one with a smile on his face
Look how they have grown :)
two people are holding an apple and posing for pictures
two men and a woman are posing for a photo with their arms around each other
Adoring KStewart Fan on Twitter
Adoring KStewart Fan on Twitter: "EXCLU: Entertainment Weekly 2011 outtake (unedited and full size: please credit)… "
four pictures of the same person posing together
the bride and groom are getting ready to walk down the aisle
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