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a poster on the wall that says genius is surrounded by images of light bulbs and people
Genius Is...
incidental comics
the color wheel is shown with different colors in it and there are instructions to choose which one
The Conspiracy of Colors
a comic strip about crayons and how they use them to make their own toys
a comic strip with the words ghost of creativity present
The Ghosts of Creativity - by Grant Snider
a large yellow duck floating on top of a body of water next to tall buildings
I am coming for you!! —The world's largest rubber duck—a conceptual artwork by Florentijn Hofman—has just arrived in Hong Kong.
an old children's book with a cat sitting on top of a mushrooms mushroom
Space cat on mushrooms
a cartoon depicting the different types of people in an art museum and what they are doing
Museum Rules
Museum Rules
Rethink your classics! Illustration by Oleg Medvedev
Rethink your classics! Illustration by Oleg Medvedev
an image of a black cat with eyes drawn on it's face and the words written in japanese
The I Am Project
The I Am Project :: Be Yourself
The I Am Project
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two greeting cards sitting on top of a shelf next to a green toy truck and card
national stationery show 2012: sweet nothings
sweet card from Belle & Union
a poster with instructions on how to make invisible ink
the pop chart lab logo on top of a poster
Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names.