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a small round chair with magazines in it
RODA con Espacio de GUARDADO! Elegí tu propio diseño - comprar online
a pink ottoman sitting on top of a wooden stand
a purple chair sitting on top of a white floor next to a gray wall and wooden doors
Want, Need, Love
Patchwork armchair with Suzani fabrics I want a room where a chair like this would fit nicely. A she-cave.
a colorful chair sitting on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
Источник: Шари Мартин Интерьеры
several different types of sports balls in the air
Sports Balls
Sports Balls - Man-made Objects Objects
an upholstered colorful chair with wooden legs
Somewhere deep this is ME.
an upholstered blue chair with colorful flowers and butterflies on the seat, against a white wall
Furniture | Timorous Beasties
This is the back of a chair that I love so much that I would build a room around it!
an upholstered chair in front of a blue wall with flowers on the back
an ornate chair with birds painted on it
This is not what I would expect to like but it is so fun.