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From Candle Holder to Necklace Holder via Jewelry making Journal Great job repurposing a candlebra to a jewelry stand by Stacy of Shes Kinda Crafty. The candle holder parts are perfect or rings and br (Diy Necklace Storage)

@Delaney Bee- A little turquoise spray paint, some brass hooks (for feet) and an old kitchen grater makes for a kitschy and cool earring holder. Unconventional, yes, but we LOVE unconventional earring/jewelry holders- We should totally look for this at goodwill and make it!

Cheese Grater Earring Stand: Paint a cheese grater and hang your earrings on it as a fun and creative way to organize your jewelry! Why didn't we think of this before? Visit your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore to brainstorm repurposing ideas.

Green, the color of nature is relaxing, fashionable and beautiful. It creates a calm and cozy décor. The colors green and white also have religious connotations. They signify the hope we have for eternal life offered by Jesus.

How to: Make your own necklace stand | Embergrass Jewelry | Blog

How to make your own necklace stand: Create the cardboard form, then instead of using papier-maché, use cotton batting and fabric to create a more refined silhouette.