Deea Doesntmatter

Deea Doesntmatter

Deea Doesntmatter
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Coming Back to the Streets, Coming Back to Action | The Black Urbanist

This is a good example of a public event that allows community members to engage and own their space. By painting the street collectively it allows people to learn and communicate with one another. ----Coming Back to the Streets, Coming Back to Action

An absolute low carb staple. Pin for later. How to make cauliflower rice, the easy way. Follow this recipe for a simple way to make cauliflower rice. You can adapt and flavour cauliflower rice any which way you like. |

The easiest and tastiest recipe for Cauliflower Rice. This is an absolute low carb, keto and Paleo staple recipe. WATCH how they make it with ZERO mess.

a paper-pieced alphabet

- Used 4 letters This alphabet is why modern quilting is so great! Mess up part of a letter, just redraw the next part; it& wonky anyway! Definitely going to use these again. Next up: Swim Bike Run.