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Decebal-Radu Ciurchea

Decebal-Radu Ciurchea
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Mainframe Computer

Control panel of mainframe computer - Stock Image

Rows and racks of magnetic tape storage

Tape library for a IBM mainframe. I wonder how many kilobytes (or gigabytes?) of data is pictured in this image.

Bell Labs Tech Chick

A tedious job . Keeping the tape reels in the proper sequential order on the tape racks

Photo by Mark Richards.

IBM Model 30 computer McDonnell Aircraft Corporation bought the first Model the smallest and least expensive of the three models shipped in It could emulate IBM’s older small computer, the which encouraged customers to upgrade.

pulling out the tape

Pulling out the Tape Dun Bradstreet ad from the January, 1970 issue of Fortune: "We've packed all your business prospects in the U. and Canada into a single room.

TI Silent 700 portable data terminal

TI Silent 700 portable data terminal-Did you type on one of these when you worked at TI?

Tektronix 4010-1 Workstation.

Tektronix 4010 1 Workstation w Stand 200150 101 Doesnt Power On Parts Repair

Hewlett-Packard DC100 Data Cartridge Tape, 1975

Hewlett-Packard DC100 Data Cartridge Tape, 1975