fabric-manipulation (consider using this method with thin sheers for your river in the big piece!!!)

fabric manipulation - textiles design - (consider using this method with thin sheers for your river in the big piece!

I currently interrogate the culture of domestic activity and it’s environment as fertile ground for an existence between the artificial and organic. Wool sweaters are manipulated to look like microscopic topographies. Through them I explore dualities of sensual tactility and abject/fungal references. I enjoy co-mingling disparate sentiments, like repulsion and attraction, in a single piece.

textiles inspired by nature - wool sweater with raised bubble textures - Vanessa Vobis.

sidney: hand stitched applique felt

sidney: hand stitched applique felt contemporary abstract,minimalist and modern designs for fashion or interiors

Ruth Singer- fabric manipulation

Textiles Design with stuffed shibori bubble textures in a cut out circle set against a strong contrasting background;

Luffa Acoustic Wall Tiles :: Mauricio Affonso

The Luffa splints are strong, light weight, breathable and completely biodegradable - wall tiles by Mauricio Affonso


"A raw, imperfect and Wabi Sabi sensibility inspire Autumn Winter 2014 - Felted Wool by Jennifer Moss" The details on this dress are incredible! I wonder how this dress was constructed.