Mouse Counts: Counting Game for Preschool. Teach number sense with this fun, hands-on activity inspired by the popular children's book Mouse Counts! Make learning FUN!

Mouse Counts: Counting Game

The book Mouse Count inspired this activity that helps preschoolers and kindergartners practice counting and fine motor skills - plus it’s lots of fun too!

Georgia’s New Program, ‘Talk With Me Baby,’ Sees Income-Based Vocabulary and Literacy Gaps as a Public-Health Concern - The Atlantic

How One State Plans to Close the 30 Million-Word Gap

Re­search sug­gests that low-income kids hear about 600 words per hour, while their more affluent peers hear

Creating an elevator speech infographic (image courtesy of the ALSC Public Awareness Committee)

It's useful to have an elevator speech or two handy--and writing one really isn't so hard.

Learn more about how digital reading offers opportunities to school age children

The tweens at my library love the Origami Yoda series by Tom Angleberger. With so many fans, I knew this series would be great for a program. For my program inspiration, I used several of the activities in Guide to … Continue reading →

“Doing Good Together”, Family Service Fairs and Community Partnerships

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"Considering Outreach Assessment" -- Figure Survey participants' level of comfort with using various methods for assessing outreach activities.

The Show Me Librarian: Pop-Up Stories & Discussion in the Civic Lab

In this first iteration of our Civic Lab here at my library, most of the modes for participation are passive: voting on the major questio.

Civic engagement is on our minds at my library. Not just because this is an election year--although that certainly adds a layer to the conve...

The Show Me Librarian: The Civic Lab: Skokie's Civic Engagement Library

from the Biblio Files: Librarian Toolbox: Preschool Outreach

One of the biggest problems we face in the public library is how to best serve the people who never darken the door of the library.

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