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Paper bag houses - Neighborhood unit!

First Grade Architecture

Architecture has been the theme for many of my lessons this quarter. My first graders reviewed what an architect is. We looked at Frank Lloyd Wright's "Falling Water," and as with most art works that we look at and discuss, the kids were blown away with this design. During that lesson, the kids looked at the many parts that make up the exterior of a house and then designed their own. We also discussed that architect considers the land where a building will be built and so the kids drew their…

making their own maps

Making our own maps in preschool

A neighborhood map is great way for your students to represent their experiences! Maps help children make meaning of their world as they draw representations of the special places and things that are important in their everyday lives. Each of these simple street maps have their own story behind them but unfortunately, all I had time

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Families, Apples, and some Halloween loot!

Hello blog friends! I am sooooooo excited that tomorrow is the first day of the best month of the year!!! October!!! Yay!!! Like many of...

Ideas for Incorporating a Family Theme Into Circle Time

Preschool Circle Time Ideas on a Family Theme

As you design your lesson plans incorporate preschool circle time ideas for theme about families. This article gives a variety of methods to use when discussing families (traditional, blended, and extended), such as classroom discussions, dramatic play, books to read, and songs to sing.



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Family Unit- My 2-3 yr olds pasted boy and girl cut outs on construction paper. Then, we counted each person in the family and I filled in the sentence. I did this as a whole group activity. You could write mom, dad, brother, and sister on the cut outs.

Pearls and Preschool

A blog to help teachers put fun outfits together for work, as well as, provide them with ideas for their classrooms!

This graph depicts each student's "place" in their family--the oldest child, the middle child , the youngest child, or the only child.

Family Teaching Theme Activities and Lesson Plan Ideas | Little Giraffes Teaching Ideas | A to Z Teacher Stuff

This graph depicts each student's "place" in their family--the oldest child, the middle child , the youngest child, or the only child.

dramatic play wash baby clothes and gives dolls a bath


This is a blog for early childhood teachers looking for ways to expand and enrich play and learning in and around their sand and water tables with easy-to-make, low-cost apparatus. It may also be of interest for anyone who appreciates children's messy play.

What's in my home" scavenger hunt. Would be a great send-home activity for kids!

ALL ABOUT home scavenger hunt - A Mom With A Lesson Plan

For all about me week, study your home with this fun picture scavenger hunt.

My Life and Kids: We Are Family Lesson Plan. FAMILY/FRIENDS-academic

We Are Family Lesson Plan

We Are Family Relationships and Culture Unit 5 Days Created by: Kallie Newman Presented to: Dr. Stacia Emerson In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for EDU 4610: Environmental Processes and Assessments Social Studies and Language Arts Unit WE ARE FAMILY TOPIC: Relationships and Culture (family) PRE-UNIT ASSESSMENT: Oral questioning GOALS OF UNIT: In this unit, students learn that there are different kinds of families and no one structure is better than another. They discover that all…

Wash the dirty baby in the water table. My toddler daughter had a blast. Blog in French: translator on top right

Frotte, frotte, frotte. Frotti, frottez, frottons

Aujourd'hui, les oeufs de Pâques ont été remplacés par un bébé tout sale qui ne demande qu'à se faire laver (au contraire de mes enfants). J'ai simplement appliqué de-ci de-là de la gouache brune. Une petite débarbouilllette, du savon et du shampoing et hop! à l'eau le bébé. Il faut bien laver tous les plis. Voilà! Le bébé est propre comme un sous neuf. Une table d'eau c'est tellement amusant. Si vous n'avez pas de table d'eau et voulez le faire à la maison: quoi de mieux que le bon vieux…