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Minimalist mantra. I think this would be good for me! It might actually leave room for more things in my life such as love, fun, memories etc. Less stuff, less stress. Gonna try to remember this

The minimalist mantra: fall in love with less. Not sure I could be a minimalist.

12029641_1143345359018713_76259622993111056_o.jpg (1763×1952)

12029641_1143345359018713_76259622993111056_o.jpg (1763×1952)

Detailed forearm piece by David

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“There are four things in this life that will change you. Love, music, art, and loss. The first three will keep you wild and full of passion. May you allow the last to make you brave.” —Erin Van Vuren

May you allow the last to make you brave ~ Erin Van Vuren

Ugh why do I want to believe this?? jes

The Joshua life

All of me loves all of you <3

happy world poetry day ! from nejma by nayyirah waheed.

"Chaos is an angel who fell in love with a demon." 'The Blooming of Madness' by Christopher Poindexter

The Blooming of Madness poem 54 by Christopherspoetry on Etsy

'Today' #atticuspoetry #atticus #poetry #poem #words #loveherwild

the day you realize.

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Positive quotes about strength, and motivational

Where you are, is not who you are. Circumstances.

Annoying random period aside--yes.