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Sisse VI  by Søren Udby

I chose this photo because the use of color and texture really grabs me. The contrast of the red against the black and white photo with the texture of the paint on the lips is very cool.

only in black, white, and gold

Pin My dream job is going to be artistic since I really like drawing, painting and lots of things associate with Arts. And if my hobby and passion becomes my job, I probably don't need to work anymore.

重复-微变-格子-颜色对比-可提取小元素2个  做背景-做装饰-造型  -背景,丰富或调节大小对比 -装饰,吊坠或调节大小对比或拧结绳索 -造型,首页海报下方衔接或女孩坐在雪上

This shows pattern. It is a good picture because it is simple, with a little snow detail. The eye moves through the picture to look at the amount of snow on each section of fence.

The Hills of Osier  The train to Antonito is about to depart, whistling for passengers to finish their lunch (or in my case, photos), and get back on the train. The train to Chama is also about to depart from the siding.

How amazing would a train ride like this in Autumn be? "The Hills of Osier - Conejos County, Colorado- an old railroad settlement and train stop approximately halfway along the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad"