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Deadpool could have brought the whole Empire down, just give him a couple lightsabers, a handful of thermal detonators and stormtrooper armour and he'll have the place cleaned out in no time, as long as you pay of course

If Deadpool is a Stormtrooper, then why didn't Han Solo, Luke, Leia, and Chewy die?Deadpool was helping them! Maybe that's why Stormtroopers always die! Deadpool is killing them undercover!<that is one awesome theory :)

Pahaha! Freaking Deadpool. He's so emotional and Spiderman is all "OK, put your feelings away and let's go."

all my fave superheros are here. i just love it how emotional and over dramatic deadpool is, how spiderman, cyclops and logan are bored by his bullshit and then there's kurt's all like "the fuck's going on?